Blue Horizons Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets 5 KG

Blue Horizons Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets 5 KG

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These Blue Horizons Small 20g Chlorine Tablets are designed to slowly erode over a period of 3-5 days, depending on the water flowing over them. As they release chlorine relatively slowly it may be necessary to shock dose or oxidise prior to their first establish some chlorine more rapidly. Ideal chlorine levels are between 1-3 mg/l (ppm) as tested by a test kit. Prior to using this product, adjust the pH levels to the ideal range of 7.2-7.6.

The chlorine tablets can be used either:

· In a skimmer by placing one tablet in the skimmer basket per 45,450 litres and adjust tablet numbers as necessary to take account of your water flow to achieve 1-3mg/l (ppm) relatively consistently., floating dispenser and chlorine feeder

· In a floating dispenser, fill the floating dispenser with tablets and adjust the aperture mechanism at the bottom of the dispenser to obtain the 1-3 mg/l (ppm) desire range. Alternatively keep the dispenser aperture constant and vary the tablets inside to achieve 1-3 mg/l (ppm). The dispenser should be removed from the pool while swimmers are bathing.

· In a chlorine feeder, this 20g small tablet will be required. Fill the dispenser and follow feeder instruction manuals on flow regulation to maintain 1-3mg/l (ppm) chlorine levels.

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